About Nightingale

Nightingale is the journal of the Data Visualization Society (DVS). We reflect the mission of the DVS to “foster a community where every member benefits from resources that support growth, refinement, and expansion of data visualization knowledge, regardless of expertise level.”

Our goal has been to develop into a first-class publication to share the incredible wealth of knowledge from our community. We embrace “idea evangelism”—by providing a greater reach and audience for the ideas and voices of our members, it increases their recognition, which in turn leads to new opportunities. We feature high-quality articles covering many of the applications of data visualization—including history, sports, how to, best practices, and any other aspect or implementation of visual information design we find compelling. We cover everything from personal stories to exploratory research to interviews with community thought leaders. We drive engagement via our monthly newsletter, The ‘Gale.

Nightingale is a supportive, generous community. It is a place for practitioners to give back, to learn, and advance their ideas. It is a platform to show our work, to share, and explain a perspective. Like the DVS, we are a mostly volunteer-run organization. Meet the team and find out how to get involved!

What’s the story behind the name?

Glad you asked! Our name pays tribute to the rich history of data visualization embodied by the work of Florence Nightingale. With it, we celebrate the innovation, the creativity, the often expansive, and–importantly–the enlightenment, that historic data visualizers inspired among their communities. We appreciate that the practitioners of the past were like us: a collection of visual thinkers who sketched their ideas and collaborated with illustrators, artists, analysts, researchers, and scientists to communicate in bold and creative ways. At the end of the day, we seek to recognize and archive “profoundly beautiful work that inspires.” (Read more about the story behind our name in the piece that launched Nightingale in 2019.)

What’s next for Nightingale?

We have exciting things planned for Nightingale! Later this year we’re planning to launch a print magazine. The print edition will allow us to archive our most inspiring projects in a more lasting way. One of our focuses will be to ensure that print issues of Nightingale are available in libraries and schools. This will help to spread our ideas and influence outside of our professional bubble and it will provide students and researchers a way to access our work in a new format.

Learn more about what we’re planning in the talk we gave at Outlier 2021!