Nightingale is the journal of the Data Visualization Society. We publish high-quality articles covering many topics on data visualization from personal stories to exploratory research to interviews with leaders in the community, data ethics, and best practices.  In the last two years, our readers have read over 6.6 million minutes of content. That’s over 109,000 hours or 11.4 years!

We are proud to publish articles that teach, explain, and inspire. Our readership values inclusion and supports progressive issues that help our global community bond and relate to one another. We are constantly inspired by the creativity, generosity, and bravery of our writers. Our writers are innovative practitioners–both industry leaders and new voices. They generously share their perspectives, outlooks, techniques, and lessons learned. They are analysts, data scientists, strategists, students, professors, journalists, creative directors, researchers, managers, executives, and technologists.  

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