Nightingale Magazine is a collectible community celebration. It’s an opportunity to introduce audiences–new and existing–to some of the most compelling examples of data-informed storytelling available.

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Digital is the platform for the majority of our community’s work. Yet despite the hours of effort and refinement of our craft, much of our work will one day disappear.

Establishing a printed Nightingale Magazine gives us the opportunity to preserve our creations and acknowledge each other in a lasting way.

Get access to exclusive content you won’t find anywhere else! See Nightingale feature articles as you’ve never seen them before, including behind-the-scenes stories, interviews, reviews, and more!

It’s a chance to revel in creativity and indulge in the visual in data visualization.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a subscription cost?

Subscribe to Nightingale Magazine for $40 annually for 2 issues (including shipping).

DVS Members have the option to receive digital-only access to Nightingale Magazine with their General Membership or receive a print subscription with their membership for $25 (a $15 discount). Patron Membership includes a print subscription to Nightingale Magazine.

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What does my print subscription include?

Two issues of Nightingale Magazine will be mailed to you per year. After the second issue arrives, we’ll see if you want to renew.

What will each magazine contain?

Each of our bi-annual print editions will contain:

  • Feature-length articles, including behind-the-scenes stories
  • Interviews with leading voices from our community as well as newcomers to our field
  • Recurring columns on best practices for data, design, career, and data literacy
  • Lavish dataviz portfolios, including a spotlight on student work
  • The Kids’ Table, our section on dataviz for kids (we’re so excited about it!)
  • Dataviz activities, including “Dear Nightingale” with Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec
  • Dataviz challenges from Data Is Plural creator Jeremy Singer-Vine
  • Reviews of the latest books, conferences, software, classes, and industry happenings

When will the first issue arrive?

We are busy at work compiling the content and designing our first issue. All subscribers will be notified when the first issue will be ready, but we intend to fulfill the first issue by the end of April 2022!

Will you be shipping globally?

Nightingale has always taken a global approach, so we intend to fulfill our print publication globally as well. We plan to print our publication from two different printers to reduce distribution and shipping costs. Yes, it’s a lot of extra work, but we feel our global community deserves equal representation and access.

Here’s what a few leaders in our industry say about us:

Nightingale has been a constant source of fresh and insightful comment about our field. It has been especially strong in allowing new and diverse authors to share their views. We thrive on the breadth of our knowledge, and Nightingale has led the way.” ~Andy Cotgreave
Tableau, Senior Technical Evangelist

“The diversity, quality, and regularity with which Nightingale has been publishing Data Visualization articles since its start has made it indispensable in teaching (all experience levels) about the field and its history, starting conversations, and geeking out over the smallest tidbits, historic visuals, and more.” ~Nadieh Bremer, Dataviz Designer & Developer

“From theoretical discourse, through historical legacies of the field’s pioneers, to the practical stories of everyday practitioners, and the thematic studies of critical techniques, Nightingale has gone from nothing to absolutely everything, seemingly, in the blink of the eye!” ~Andy Kirk, Author

Four reasons to subscribe to Nightingale Magazine:

  1. Invest in your dataviz community
  2. Stay informed about the latest dataviz trends
  3. Preserve important ideas, visualizations, and stories
  4. Decorate your home with a swanky magazine that shows your savvy support!

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*Membership discounts applied during checkout. Subscription requires the creation of a FREE DVS account.