Submit a Data Visualization to the Stats+Stories Podcast Competition!

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The Stats+Stories podcast is ringing in 300 episodes and 10 years of programs—and it is celebrating with a data viz contest! Top 5 entries will be featured publicly and in partnership with Nightingale and Chance magazine and the overall winner will be invited to be a guest on the Stats+Stories podcast. Here’s how you can participate.

What is it?

Stats+Stories is sponsoring a data visualization competition that tells a story about the podcast. You are invited to produce and submit a data visualization (static or interactive), dashboard, or analysis that reflects what you find. The data set encompasses 280 episodes of Stats+Stories recorded over the past decade.

Some examples of the types of questions that might be explored:

  • Which category has the most listens?
  • Are ‘in studio’ shows longer in duration than virtual?
  • How has the program changed over time?
  • Which episode was the first S+SS? First virtual episode?
  • Which, if any episodes, appear unusual relative to the rest?

Entry details

Datasets, contest details and submission information can be found at https://statsandstories.net/contest. Submissions can be PDFs, dashboards, or a link to a display such as a Shiny app or Tableau dashboard. Keep in mind the following dates:

  • June 30: Submission deadline, voting begins.
  • August 31: Voting closes.
  • Fall 2023: Winners announced and featured publicly. Top winner will be invited on to the Stats+Stories podcast.

    More about us

    The Stats+Stories podcast is a conversation about the statistics behind the stories and the stories behind the statistics. Listen to us on our website, www.statsandstories.net or on podcast services such as Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, Soundcloud, Spotify, and Overcast.

    The Stats+Stories podcast started as a collaboration between statisticians and journalists at Miami University in 2013. The American Statistical Association joined us as a partner in this effort in 2017. The collaboration has extended to working with Significance and Chance magazines, and with this contest announcement, Nightingale.

    Check out some of our episodes:
    Episode 132: DVS Executive Director Amanda Makulec on Coronavirus visualizations
    Episode 154: Alison Hedley on 19th century data visualization
    Episode 142: Harry Stevens on the most viewed Washington Post article ever
    Episode 33: Mona Chalabi on on sifting through noisy data to find stories

    We love data and stories, and the Stats+Stories podcast has been a labor of love for us for many years. We think this contest offers an interesting data set with features that might be fun for individuals, groups or classes to explore. We are excited about what you might discover as you explore these data!

    Please direct questions to statsandstories@miamioh.edu.

    And follow us on Twitter!
    Stats+Stories Podcast: @statsandstories
    John Bailer, Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Statistics: @john_bailer
    Rosemary Pennington, Associate Professor, Dept. of Media, Journalism, and Film: @rompeni

    John Bailer and Rosemary Pennington