We acknowledge that some folks who applied to speak and were not selected may feel disappointed, and we totally understand that. If time and budget allowed, we would have loved to have selected many more. But we do have good news for you! We will be showcasing lightning talks, and we hope you’ll consider submitting one.

What are lightning talks?

A lighting talk is a five minutes long address to the attendees on the topic of your choice, and in the language of your choice. This format provides a space for many to quickly share some of their most exciting insights and/or projects. We will group lighting talks together into back-to-back sessions on the main stage, one on each day of the conference. 

Submit your talk

Want to submit a lightning talk? Great! Fill out this survey to submit by February 1st, 2022

We ask that you follow a few guidelines when creating your lightning talk video:

The “selection”

We are planning to accept all submissions as long as they follow the above guidelines. 

Join us!

You’re required to be an Outlier attendee to submit a lightning talk. If you don’t have your ticket yet, you can snag one here!