Submit Your Work for the Outlier Viz Exhibit!

Are you looking for a space to share your work and get inspired by the work of other data visualization designers? You can submit your recent visualizations to the Outlier Viz Exhibit.

With the data visualization field always rapidly evolving, this space is a great way to contribute to Outlier 2022 and to share some of your most exciting projects. Whether you’re looking to simply share, or get constructive feedback, consider submitting your visualization and taking part in the exhibition!

What is the Outlier Viz Exhibit?

The Outlier Viz Exhibit is a virtual space to share data visualisations from Outlier’s attendees to inspire, give, or receive constructive feedback, or to give and receive praise and encouragement. 

Using a MURAL board as a central location, visualizations made by attendees can be shared in a community space. Attendees are encouraged to browse and participate on the MURAL board, using it to comment and connect with each other. The exhibition is meant to be a space for sharing only and not intended to be a contest or competition of any kind.

Submit your visualization

If you want to submit to the exhibition, fill out this survey!

We ask that you follow a few guidelines when submitting your visualization:

  • You must be a ticket holder to submit a data visualization.
  • The visualization must not contain any offensive materials and must abide by the DVS Code of Conduct and Outlier Rules of Engagement.
  • The visualization cannot be promotional or an advertisement for any commercial purpose.

All submissions will be accepted from now until the end of Outlier 2022! Yes, even during the conference we will accept new submissions as long as they follow the guidelines, and will update the Exhibition throughout.

Join us!

You’re required to be an Outlier attendee to submit a visualization to the Exhibit. If you don’t have your ticket yet, you can snag one here! Come ready with plenty of compliments to give out and leave fully inspired!