Print Subscription Starts Today!

We are one step closer to Nightingale’s quest toward establishing a print magazine. After announcing our intentions at the beginning of the year, today we open our print subscription service for two issues of our new magazine for $40 including shipping anywhere in the world!

There are many reasons why you’d want to sign up on Day One, but the most obvious is you want to support our community and you believe in our mission here at Nightingale! After all, we’ve published over 600 articles and introduced over 100 first-time writers. We’ve published on every aspect of dataviz that we can think of—and so many that we never would have thought of previously.

But today is also the first day of an ambitious effort to secure 1,000 subscribers by November 15th! Our goal has always been to make Nightingale a self-sustaining publication that will live on for many years and support subsequent generations of dataviz practitioners. If—WHEN—we reach our goal of 1,000 subscribers, we will have enough to build out our staff and ensure a foundation to sustain our digital and print formats. We know it’s possible, but we need your help!

Lastly, many folks have asked us about advertising, and yes, we will be offering advertisement space. Revenue from ad sales will help us pay everyone who works on the magazine as well as launch new mentorship programs for first-time publishers. We feature many advertising options and our prices have been configured to work for the smallest single-person companies up to the biggest corporations. Just get in touch and let’s have a conversation!