Nightingale Is Turning Four! Here’s Why We’re Celebrating

Break out the champagne—or apple juice for our Kids’ Table fans—because Nightingale is turning four on July 15th! Here’s a look at some of our accomplishments:

Topping the list is Nightingale Magazine!  To date we’ve published three issues of our print magazine in the last year and a half. These magazines represent a significant collection of writing and general collaboration from across our community, with over 200 contributors, writers, designers, and editors all playing some role across the three issues.  What’s more, the Nightingale print subscriber base became truly global: We shipped thousands of issues to more than 50 countries before our first two issues completely sold out.

Nightingale Magazine Issue 1 cover
Nightingale Magazine Issue 2 cover
Nightingale Magazine Issue 3 cover

As you may have heard (wink wink) Issue #3 just published last month! Coming in at 128 pages, the beautifully designed book focuses on the theme of “guidelines.” We’re so proud of the mix of stories that blend utility with art, and fun with practical. Each issue features some of the best thought leaders in the industry, as well as showcases rising talent, and even includes a special section on data viz accessibility. Buy your copy now because they’re going fast!

While you’re making your purchase, please take a moment to admire our new online store! This new marketplace is the retail hub for the Data Visualization Society as well as Nightingale. We spent a ton of time getting it up and running and we’re so excited that our community can now benefit from conveniences like tracking orders and updating shipping addresses. In a short time we’ll also start to carry merchandise! Get ready to start sporting some DVS and Nightingale fashions! Oh la la!  

And of course, the amazing content that we publish for free on our website just keeps getting better. We ran more than 150 articles which garnered 440,000 views in the last 12 months. The breadth and quality of the subject matter is evermore impressive. We continue to receive pitches and submissions from all corners of the industry, and we have an awesome group of volunteer editors and copy editors who are willing to lend their talents and expertise. Go team!

A lot has happened behind the scenes, too! With growth comes some growing pains, and the Nightingale team spent a good chunk of the last year upgrading our operations and logistics, including contracting with a new printer and a new fulfillment company, which will set the stage for a few more improvements that will roll out by Issue #4. We also launched an advanced editorial workflow to make design and editing tasks more efficient. All this required a giant push for such a small team, but now we’re well positioned to move forward with all future issues!

It’s crazy to think that Nightingale is only four years old. The sheer quantity of articles, social posts, slack conversations, and dialogue constantly inspires the Nightingale team and pushes us to continue to celebrate our community.  We wouldn’t be here today without your support!


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Nightingale Editors

Our Nightingale editorial team currently consists of Alejandra Arevalo, William Careri, Jason Forrest, Elijah Meeks, and Teo Popescu. Reach us at Nightingale(at)Datavisualizationsociety.org