The Great Emoji Movie Challenge

We have to keep ourselves amused somehow. My colleague passed over an emoji game that has been spreading in the UK, which I loved so much that I then decided to make my own!

One of the great things about playing (and making) this kind of emoji game is that it helps you think about visual language and how we communicate with signs. Sure, it’s fun, but it also helps you think about how you map information to representation and symbolism — which is something we do all the time in dataviz.

Below you’ll find 50 film titles created by emoji. Some of these are deep cuts so it’s game on! I’ve added answers at the bottom of the post if you just gotta know.

Guess the film titles:

What are your favorites? Why not share them with your friends?! Make some more and send them to your co-workers! These kinds of emoji puzzles are super fun. It really helps you think about emojis and visual language in a new way! Please try to have some fun and connect with people!


(Duh, they’re upside down so you can’t cheat)

Jason Forrest is a data visualization designer and writer living in New York City. He is the director of the Data Visualization Lab for McKinsey and Company. In addition to being on the board of directors of the Data Visualization Society, he is also the editor-in-chief of Nightingale: The Journal of the Data Visualization Society. He writes about the intersection of culture and information design and is currently working on a book about pictorial statistics.