Visualizing Energy Production in the U.S.

NASA Earth Observatory images by Lauren Dauphin, using Landsat data from the U.S. Geological Survey.

Are renewables on the rise? Depends where you are.

Energy: we all use it, but we rarely think about where it comes from. That’s a problem for climate action! In the U.S., more than 90% of our anthropogenic (human-caused) CO₂ emissions come from burning fossil fuels for energy, and while states have been slowly transitioning to use more renewable energy, the overall energy picture is still dirty with coal dust.

Chart showing energy production and consumption in the United States, by energy source

Comparison of California and Missouri, showing energy production by resource over time with RPS development milestones.

Claire Santoro is an information designer with a passion for energy and sustainability. For 10 years, Claire has worked with governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, and higher education to accelerate climate action by communicating complex information in an engaging, approachable way. Claire holds an M.S. in environmental science from the University of Michigan.

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