Data, Viz, + Design Delights — November 2023

Data, Viz + Design Delights

Presenting the third installment of Data, Viz + Design Delights! If this is your first time here — welcome! And be sure to check out the earlier installments for sources of inspiration and useful data viz resources.

In this months edition you’ll find cocktails, colors, water usage, and more. Feel like I’ve missed something? I’d love to hear from you — drop me a note through the form at the bottom!

Data Visualizations:




What have you found interesting this December? Send me a link through this form, I’d love to check it out.

Brittany is a design enthusiast who believes everyone is better with equitable access to data. A serial dabbler in community data projects, Brittany is also a Tableau Public Ambassador, and was a finalist in the 2023 Iron Viz competition. When she’s not vizzing she enjoys reading, movies, taking care of her aquariums and growing plant collection, and traveling.