Data, Viz, + Design Delights | September 2023

Welcome to the first installment of Data, Viz + Design Delights! Around the web and in the (virtual) office, I’ve gotten a reputation for being someone that has a link for everything. As much as I love hoarding links, I love sharing them even more. This roundup of sorts will be a way of sharing things I’ve found interesting in the data visualization and design world with you all.

What you can expect:

A selection of curated links, vetted by me, on data viz + design. It will be things I’ve found helpful, enlightening, inspiring, or just stuff I thought was neat. The collection will be timely, in that it will contain things that I read in the past month (although may have been originally published at an earlier date). Links will be loosely organized into topics such as vizzes, articles, tutorials, etc., but those categories are subject to change.

What not to expect:

Just as important as defining what this thing “is,” is what it “isn’t.” This won’t be a “best of the web” — best is subjective, and there are already plenty of great “best of” roundups out there. There are also plenty of great news roundups, so while there may be charts or articles based on current events, it won’t be the primary focus. I’ll also be prioritizing content that is not behind a paywall.

Without further ado, here’s what I found interesting in September! 

Data Visualizations


Podcast Episodes 


Data Viz News

As much as I’d love to read all day, I cannot keep up with the entire internet. Want to share something interesting? Send me a link through this form!

Some notes:

  • Link submission does not guarantee a feature in an upcoming installment
  • Links that are free (not behind a paywall) will be prioritized
  • Non “news” content will be prioritized over news content
  • This roundup is not intended for self promotion — features of others work will be prioritized over submissions of one’s own work. I’d recommend joining the Data Visualization Society slack, and sharing your work in the #share-showcase channel. 

Thank you, and I look forward to reading + collecting more links to share!

Brittany is a design enthusiast who believes everyone is better with equitable access to data. A serial dabbler in community data projects, Brittany is also a Tableau Public Ambassador, and was a finalist in the 2023 Iron Viz competition. When she’s not vizzing she enjoys reading, movies, taking care of her aquariums and growing plant collection, and traveling.