You can now get your ticket for the global virtual Outlier 2022 event! 

Like last year, we offer multiple pricing options because we don’t want the price of a ticket to be a barrier for anyone who wants to attend Outlier. Additionally, all tickets come with the same all-access offerings. No VIP attendees here!

Below are the different ticketing options available. 

Support Outlier ($299)

Have you had a good year? Is your company paying for your ticket? Offering a little extra helps make it possible for people with less financial resources to attend. We appreciate it enormously! 

Standard Ticket ($159)

We’re working hard to create another quality event and we feel this is good value for what we’ve got planned. We kindly ask you to pay this price if you can. If you’re a general or patron DVS member, you also get a 20% discount for this ticket.

Income Conscious ($59)

We want you to join us! If you can’t afford the standard ticket, please consider this cheaper option. 


We genuinely don’t want cost to be a barrier that keeps you from attending. If you’re not able to afford any of the tickets above, you’ll be able to request a free one as of January 2022. Keep an eye on our website for the announcement.

*We’ll only ask you to pay the processing fee of our events platform, which is 10$ per person.