Three Questions with… Thanisara GG Ruangdej

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Thanisara GG Ruangdej serves as the CEO and co-founder of Punch Up, a data storytelling consultancy and studio in Thailand. Combining expertise in data science, information design, and digital technology, Punch Up revolutionizes communication through innovative storytelling and visualization techniques. Thanisara also plays a vital role as a program manager and co-founder of WeVis and ELECT, which are dedicated to advancing Thailand’s participatory democracy through civic technology and the dissemination of open data. Find more of her work on LinkedIn.

1. What’s one topic you would love to visualize but have not yet had the chance to?
I would love to visualize the names of the streets in my city, Bangkok. I saw some projects in other cities trying to analyze and visualize the meaning or originality of street names. I plan to do this soon!

2. If you could be any type of chart, what would you be and why?
I would love to be a Sankey! I could branch out with no limit!

3. What is one visualization that has inspired you and why?
U.S. Gun Killings” by Periscopic is inspiring for me because it uses a simple but intriguing chart, moving exponential lines, to represent the data. It also conveys the reverse aspect of gun deaths, the stolen years of the victims’ lives, which is quite stirring.

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