Career Paths in Data Visualization

Have you ever wondered what a career in data vis might look like? Or if you’re working in data vis already, have you wondered how your experience compares with others in the field? Erica Gunn (Director of Product Design and Former DVS Education Director) and Jenn Schilling (founder of Schilling Data Studio) used the DVS 2021 State of the Industry Survey data paired with additional surveys and interviews from data visualizers across the field to highlight career paths for folks with different skill sets.

In the report you will find:

  • The types of activities professionals in different roles do as a part of their job.
  • How data visualization is integrated into different roles, including how much autonomy folks have and what chart types they have recently used.
  • Deep-dives into four career types (i.e., analyst, engineer, designer, developer) including educational background, salary distribution, and common tools.

Be sure to check out the Careers in Data Visualization playlist on YouTube where DVS co-founder Elijah Meeks discusses different career paths with folks who contributed to the Career Portraits.

Refer to Erica and Jenn’s Nightingale pieces documenting their journey developing the career portraits, and stay tuned for coming installments!

Keep your eyes for the next State of the Industry survey so you can contribute your data, opening mid-September!

Nightingale Editors

Our Nightingale editorial team currently consists of Alejandra Arevalo, William Careri, Jason Forrest, Elijah Meeks, and Teo Popescu. Reach us at Nightingale(at)Datavisualizationsociety.org